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As a business owner, imagine being able to instantaneously access any and all of your company’s mission-critical documents, securely, on demand, and using any device in almost any part of the world. Welcome to FullScope IT Cloud Services. But what do we mean by Cloud Services?

Think of clouds in the sky. They are real, yet ephemeral. In the mind’s eye they can take on countless shapes, yet they are amorphous. They look solid, yet a plane can fly through them as if through air. They can be anywhere, and nowhere. They are ubiquitous, yet rarely do we pay much attention to them.

This may sound a little mystical, like a Zen koan: an intangible truth wrapped in a riddle. And that is probably as good a description of “The Cloud” as any other.

What Are Cloud Services?

In many respects, the best technologies are those we don’t notice: the ones we interact with every day, effortlessly, without giving a thought to the notion that we are in fact interacting with a highly sophisticated technology. Daily routine tasks like checking your personalized news feed, reading and sending email messages, pulling up driving directions on your smart phone’s map app, and posting selfies on social media are all examples of interacting with cloud technologies.

But what exactly is this “Cloud”? What is it and where is it?

Back in the 1970s, before there was an Internet, the developers of its precursor (called ARPANET) used a cloud symbol in their schematics to denote networks of interconnected computers. But it would be a mistake to say that the Internet is the Cloud. Rather, the Cloud is an offshoot of Internet technologies. Simply put, it is a collection of specialized software, network programming code, security protocols, and physical computer servers and other supporting infrastructure designed to deliver a suite of specific, defined services to electronic devices via the Internet.

The features that set Cloud Services apart from other computer technologies include:

  • Improved agility for organizations in adding technical resources as needed
  • Cost savings through third-party-provider economies of scale
  • Device-independence when accessing Cloud-based resources
  • Easier maintenance of Cloud-based applications at a single central point rather than distributed across multiple work stations
  • Increased business productivity, performance, reliability, security, and scalability
  • The Benefit of FullScope IT Cloud Services
  • There isn’t just one “Cloud.” There are many types of Internet-based Clouds, delivering a variety of services. And they aren’t all created equal.

At FullScope IT, our cloud-based infrastructure allows you and your employees to:

  • share, edit, and publish documents in a centralized, unified system;
  • improve voice and data communication among team members and clients;
  • email securely;
  • increase marketing abilities; and
  • enhance day-to-day business processes.

Getting information to and from the Cloud has never been easier or more affordable. Because these services are hosted by the experts at FullScope IT, you’ll never have to worry about management, maintenance, or equipment to keep the system running smoothly.

Because a cloud-based infrastructure scales with your business, it can be easily customized for your specific business needs. And that makes it cost-effective. Better yet, using a cloud-based infrastructure means that even if disaster strikes at your business location, you can still access critical files from anywhere.

The FullScope IT Cloud Services Advantage

  • Collaboration made easy for employees and key clients and partners
  • Improved business efficiency and communication
  • Worry-free system management and maintenance
  • Assured business continuity in case of disaster
  • Peace of mind in knowing critical data and files remain secure

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