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Boasting a wealth of enterprise-class features, our VoIP solutions will save you time and money, let you scale freely, and keep your employees connected anywhere. Best of all, your business will have the support of our entire team of VoIP experts at your beck and call to make sure they stay connected! Key features include:

VoIP Services Key Features

  • Voicemail to text/email
  • Personal assistant
  • Hunt groups
  • Company directory
  • Custom on-hold music
  • Time-of-day routes
  • Do not disturb
  • Custom caller ID
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The FullScope IT VoIP Advantage

  • Simple phones with advanced, reliable phone service
  • Crystal-clear HD voice communications
  • Seamless phone-to-PC integration
  • 150+ voice and data features
  • In-depth call insights
  • 24/7/365 support

Picture this scene: In the 60’s, after moving across the country, the grandma had to save up to pay to call her friends and now she can video call her granddaughter who just sold her designs to a company in Tokyo on a video call with people in 5 other countries as well. To describe that grandmother’s expression as one of astonishment would be an understatement.

One cannot overstate the gigantic leap in technology from rotary phone to smart phone illustrated by this scenario. And that leap is largely made possible by VoIP.

What Is VoIP?

Like so many technical terms today, VoIP is an abbreviation. It stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol”—which is just a fancy way of saying telephone service that uses the public internet rather than old-fashioned copper wires to connect two communication devices. Yet it is so much more than that.

First and foremost, it isn’t just about voice. Unlike traditional analog switched telephone networks (also known as plain old telephone service, or “POTS”), a VoIP network can not only deliver voice communications but also transmit text messages, faxes, documents, photos, video, and even conferenced multimedia sessions, allowing for simultaneous, bi-directional visual and audio connections via broadband networks.

And unlike traditional office PBX systems, VoIP does not require that a business spend a small fortune installing costly wiring and hardware throughout the building. Rather, the voice-over-internet protocols can be implemented digitally on existing phones, software, mobile applications, and web pages.

Why Your Business Needs VoIP Services

Let us count the ways—starting with the most obvious one: it will save your organization money. Monthly phone bills can be dramatically reduced, thanks to the bandwidth efficiency that internet protocols provide. And with VoIP, both voice and data communications travel across a single digital network so your infrastructure expenses are reduced. The price for office extensions on VoIP systems is also lower than that of traditional PBX networks.

Businesses also benefit from VoIP Services in that many different types of communication needs can be combined and simplified into a single, unified service, where phone calls, faxes, voice mail, and web conferences can all be delivered via a centralized VoIP phone system.

FullScope IT has been delivering state-of-the-art hosted VoIP solutions to its customers for years. Because our hosted VoIP service is cloud-based, it does not require bulky, expensive hardware to set up, installation is quick, and your business is able to seamlessly integrate multiple users and locations, locally, statewide or even international.

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VoIP Q & A's

  • How can I use my cell phone to take calls from the office?

    There are a variety of different ways you can take (and make) phone calls from your cell phone while on the move or working remotely. You could go as simple as a call forward from your work phone to your cell phone, you could use our advanced find me follow me options to track you down wherever you currently are at. You could also simply install our easy to use VOIP app on your cell phone, and then you wouldn’t even need any call forwarding. Any incoming callers (and outbound calls you make) the customer or vendor will just assume you are at the office. Your outgoing caller ID will even match!

  • How hard is it to switch phone providers?

    The answer to that is – it depends. If you are partnering with a skilled provider, like FullScope IT, the process doesn’t have to be painful. There will always be minor things that come up during a phone provider migration, but the important thing is how your VOIP provider or partner will handle them. You will want to have a high level of visibility into a mature process for the entire rollout, from beginning to end. There is a lot more going on with a new phone system than a couple phone numbers and an auto-attendant. Make sure your provider has the right answers when you ask questions.

  • Can I easily work from home with a VOIP system?

    With the right VOIP system, there is no reason why you can’t work from anywhere, if there is internet access. If you want to work from home you can physically take your desk phone home and plug it into your home router, or use one of our advanced wireless handset models, or even work off the easy to use mobile app for Android and iPhones. There is no reason why your productivity at home needs to be any less than at the office. There may be a few more barking dogs, though. We can’t help with that, though.

  • Can I just bring my VOIP phone home from the office and keep taking/making calls?

    With iCare™ Cloud Communications, you absolutely can do this. On some legacy phone systems this was not an option and would simply not work. With most modern hosted voice systems, you can plug a VOIP phone in to any normal network. One gotcha to consider is the power cord – your phone at work may operate off of a network switch that provides electricity to the phone. If you don’t have a similar set up at home you’ll want to make sure to grab the correct power cord before you head home with your VOIP phone.

  • Can you configure your VOIP system to work our existing phones?

    If you give us a call and let us know what models of phones you currently have, or if one of our engineers does a walk through at your office and identifies the models, there is a good chance we can reuse your current phones. We generally will recommend getting new phones with a new phone system, but if your phones are newer, and compatible with our system, we can definitely try to make it work. We also have highly competitive rental options for desk phones if you are looking to upgrade, but don’t want a big upfront expense.

  • Are there any large upfront cost?

    Your only upfront cost on a new hosted voice system from FullScope IT is your new phones. Everything else within the phone system is fully cloud hosted. When we create a quote for your new phones, we will also give you the option to purchase a new network switch that supports powering the phones without a power cord. We highly recommend this for convenience, and a simplified method of putting battery backups on all of your phones – you just make sure that your network switch has a battery backup, and all your phones keep working even if you lose power. Additionally, if you are looking for zero up front cost, we have highly competitive rental options for a variety of high-end desk phones.

  • How much bandwidth do I need for VOIP?

    With modern VOIP protocols the bandwidth needs are not significant, but the quality of the network and internet service provider can be critical. Most VOIP systems utilize opportunistic protocols that work well even over less than ideal connections – but you still want to have a good, quality internet connection. If you’ve ever been on a phone call where one side seems to be dropping out, that’s probably related to an internet issue somewhere in the process – it might even be on a major telecommunications network. Keep in mind, even on “land line” phones, there is going to be internet connectivity involved somewhere along the line. If you are looking for a more precise answer, typically our phone system needs less than 200 kilobits per second (kbps) per active call on a network that is healthy. Most modern internet connections are measured in the hundreds of megabits per second (mbps). A megabit is 1024 kilobits.

VoIP Information & Brochures

To learn more about the awesome power of VoIP phone systems download information from the list of PDFs below.

VoIP Service Provider

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WOW! That is all I can say about Darren and the team at FullScope IT! After a detailed search, FullScope IT was hired, resulting in a 5-year strategic plan to move from our current IT position to one that we envisioned for the future. I cannot recommend FullScope IT highly enough. They are a great IT partner for any company.

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Before hiring FullScope IT, our network would go down regularly, run slow, and even run into the occasional virus. Since signing up with their Premier plan, those issues are gone. FullScope IT is extremely reliable and professional. They listen to your needs and provide solutions.

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