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During this pandemic, we want to ensure you and your employees are working from home safely and securely.

Bob Priest, CEO

Home Office Action Pack

New to remote work? There are a lot of processes IT has put in place to make your lives easier and more secure in the office. If you’re transitioning to work from home, our checklist can help you put similar processes in place to make your experience more secure, reliable, and, ultimately, more enjoyable.

Why Should You Care About This?

We are seeing a rise in cyber-attacks because of the dramatic increase of employees working from home. As their team starts working at the kitchen table, far too many employers won’t think about security, and not choosing to be security conscious sets a dangerous precedent.

In a perfect world, you would provide a company-approved and secured computer/laptop for employees to use at home. Granted, if you haven’t noticed we aren’t living in perfect world, which is why we put together this Home Office Action Pack.

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