HIPAA Compliance Assessment Service

Why Perform an Assessment?

  • To protect your business relationships and your patients’ privacy
  • To participate in Meaningful Use
    • Up to $63,750 in Medicaid incentives available to Eligible Professionals who qualify in 2015
    • You must have a Risk Analysis on file for years in which incentives are claimed
  • To avoid a breach and resulting fines, costs of correction, and legal fees
    • CMS, HHS, and MD Attorney General all intend to step up audits in 2015 and 2016
    • The HITECH Act stipulates fines of up to $1.5m per calendar year for HIPAA violations
    • A breach involving records of over 500 patients requires notification to HHS and the media
    • Cost of notification and Corrective Action Plan can easily exceed $200k for a small private practice
    • Affected patients can sue, and juries have awarded penalties in excess of $1m to individual plaintiffs
    • Nearly 60% of small businesses are bankrupt within 1 year of a breach

Why Choose FullScope IT?

  • As your Managed Service Provider, we’re already intimately familiar with your technology systems
  • We’ve partnered with the industry’s legal experts, who literally wrote the first HIPAA compliance manual
  • Over 70 years of combined industry experience and regulatory expertise

What you get

  • Deep scan of your IT environment to identify all possible weaknesses
  • Worksheets and interviews conducted with staff
  • Executive Summary, Risk Analysis, and Management Plan
  • Optional quarterly or semiannual reassessments to document improvement and uncover new risks
  • Estimates for all recommended corrections
    • Administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to prevent breaches
    • Compensating controls for risks that cannot be immediately removed
  • Discounts on HIPAA products and services from our partner, Veterans Press
    • Online and on-premise staff training
    • Compliance library of 80+ ready-made policies and procedures
    • HIPAA Compliance Guide

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