How to Protect Your Small Business’ Data

Data protection is one of the biggest issues facing today’s businesses. A data backup failure could cripple your business and put information about your company and your clients in danger. If your business needs data backup in Annapolis , consider these strategies for protecting your information.

Make Data Backup Automatic
One of the best ways to make data backup seamless is to make it automatic. Talk to an IT consultant about ways you can automate your data backup to both a local hard drive or server and a third party, off-site service. Your IT consultant can help you evaluate your options, such as cloud backups and other data backup mechanisms. Automating data backup as much as possible eliminates human error and gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your information is always safe.

Use a Full-Service Security System
data backup | Annapolis Backing up your data so that you don’t lose important information is only one part of data protection. The other part is protecting your data from intruders, viruses, and malware. A full-service security suite provides the best protection you can get—even better than a firewall, which only protects your software after your network becomes infected. Anti-virus systems and spam filters are also crucial components of a security system. Your IT support expert can help you find the right security system for your business.

Have an Emergency Plan
According the U.S. Small Business Administration , up to 60% of small businesses never open again after a data failure. Don’t let your business become a statistic. The worst time to decide how you would cope with a data loss is when it happens. Make IT incident management part of your operating plan so you know exactly what steps you will take to recover from a loss of data so you can get back to your normal activities as soon as possible.

Is Your Business at Risk from Data Loss?

Data security is a crucial part of any company’s managed IT services. Data security includes data backup and data recovery services, which can save your company a lot of time, money, and stress in the event of a data loss. If your company has 10 or more computers and no data security, it may be vulnerable to a data breach, making the company liable for costly financial reimbursements to customers. A data security consulting firm near Baltimore can help your company protect its data and avoid data loss. Here are some of the ways your company may be at risk for data loss.

Employee Negligence

Employees may make a company vulnerable to data loss if they routinely download personal files to the company computer, click on links or attachments in spam emails, leave their computer unattended, allow non-employees to access their computers, visit restricted websites, or have weak passwords. If employees also have mobile devices, such as cell phones, tablets, or netbooks, on which they can access, store, or transmit sensitive company data, they are further putting the company at risk for a data breach.

Data Loss No Data Backup

Without a data backup and IT disaster recovery plan in place, a company has very few options should a data loss or data breach occur. 62% of companies have no data backup system in place, making them extremely vulnerable to a devastating data loss that could ruin the company’s finances and reputation. An experienced IT security consulting firm can help your company develop and maintain simple IT security and data security rules for employees.

No Data Security Policies

Another major mistake companies make is to not have a clear data security policy, or to not ensure that all employees are aware of and understand the data security policy. All employees must be trained in data security methods, and should be held accountable for any deviation from the company’s data security policy. Employees should not be allowed to share passwords or allow non-employees to have access to their computers or company devices.

Technology Needs that an IT Consultant Can Help Your Business Meet

If you’ve just started a new business or are interested in upgrading your existing technology, an IT consultant can offer you the expertise to meet your goals. An IT consultant can help you with data backup, data recovery, and network security, and can set up and help you maintain company email, a company website, and high-speed internet access for the office. Continue reading to learn more about what a company that offers IT consulting in Annapolis can do for you.

Data Backup and Recovery
Important company data can be lost from your server for many reasons, including human error, natural disasters, power outages, viruses, theft, and damaged software. An IT consulting company will regularly back up the data from your servers, and will restore this data to your company if it gets erased from your local network. Technology experts can help your company protect your data and avoid costly and embarrassing data losses.

IT Consultant | Annapolis Data Security
Every company should have security measures in place to protect their records and data. However, many business owners don’t have the technological expertise to implement the procedures necessary to maintain data security. An IT consultant will set up a firewall and anti-virus software on company computers, and can even block certain websites from employees to further ensure that no one will fall victim to a virus or phishing attack. This consultant will also make sure that any records your company holds are completely secure, and that the software applications that employees use are also secure.

Internet Services
An IT consultant can set up secure high-speed internet access for the office. A consultant can also set up professional email accounts for employees. Many business owners don’t have the time or skills to maintain an internet presence for the company, but an IT consultant can help the company create and maintain a website. The majority of the company’s customers will turn to the internet first to answer their questions and find information on the company. If there is no company website, or if it is poorly designed and not updated regularly, you may lose customers.

A Look at Your Business’ Data Backup Needs

Many situations that could result in a data breach or loss of data at your company are out of your control. For example, a storm could cause a power loss, resulting in computers crashing and records being lost, or your company could become a victim of hacking, phishing, or viruses that wipe your data. However, it’s important to remember that you do have control over how you back up your data. An IT company in Annapolis can help your company with data backup and data recovery.

On-Site Backup
At small companies, backing up your server data onto tape or external hard drives can be sufficient. These data backups should be stored off-site, or in a fireproof safe. This method is simple and affordable. However, it is also somewhat unreliable, as many companies have to rely on manual backups done by employees that may forget or perform the backup incorrectly. This method also isn’t as secure as other options, as the data backups could still become damaged, lost, or stolen.

Business’ Data Backup | Annapolis Online Backup
Many IT consultants offer companies an online data backup option. The encrypted data is stored on computer servers in multiple locations. This storage is considered to be the most secure, as there is no risk of the data backups being damaged or lost. If you are interested in this method, ask your IT company how quickly the company can get access to the data backups when needed. This method also allows employees to have access to the data backups remotely, which is very convenient.

Data Recovery
Any IT consulting company that helps you with your data backup should also offer you data recovery services. This means that in the event of a data breach or data loss, you will be able to restore any lost data. This is particularly helpful for companies that use customer databases, as a data loss can mean that valuable customer information and updates are no longer available. This data can easily be recovered and restored by your IT consultant.