What Are the Benefits of Flat-Rate IT Services?

If you expect your small business to stay afloat in today’s technologically driven society, it is important to work with a team of qualified IT professionals in Annapolis. Different IT security services operate based on varying types of payment methods, but flat-rate service may be the most advantageous of them all. Keep reading if you are interested in learning about the benefits of flat-rate IT services.

Working on the Same Team
Running a successful business typically requires the formation of productive and mutually profitable relationships with other entities, such as consulting firms. In many cases, however, these outside organizations depend on a problem arising within your business in order to profit. With flat-rate IT services, this is not the case; instead, the IT service profits when your business avoids technological problems rather than incurring them. Instead of hiring an IT service when something goes wrong, you will be paying for IT support that makes sure everything stays right. Since you pay a flat fee each month, the IT service stands to gain more when everything continues to run smoothly. Since this is the case, your IT professionals will have the same goals as your business, which helps to establish and foster a mutually beneficial partnership.

What Are the Benefits of Flat-Rate IT Services in Annapolis? Spending Your Money Wisely
With flat-rate IT services, there is never any guessing. You know what you are paying for, how much you are paying, and when it is time to pay. Unlike other types of IT support that charge you varying amounts for their assistance in your time of need, flat-rate IT services keep you ahead of the game; this is crucial in the world of business.

Waiting in the Wings
Since your IT professionals receive a monthly fee to ensure the smooth operation of the technological aspects of your company, they always have eyes on you. This means that any problems that may arise can be dealt with quickly and efficiently before they lead to larger problems or cause costly damages. Without a quality IT service, these problems may go unnoticed until they have developed into serious concerns that can cripple your company.

How to Ensure That Your Company Is HIPAA Compliant

When your company has access to patients’ medical records, financial data, and other sensitive information, you need to be aware of the risks of a security breach. If your company is audited by the Office of Civil Rights and found to be noncompliant with HIPAA rules, the legal and financial consequences can be severe. In August 2015, a federal appeals court found that the Federal Trade Commission also has the authority to investigate and prosecute cases of failure to protect private consumer information. Since anyone can file a complaint against you, it’s important to ensure that all of your sensitive data is adequately protected. By working with an agency that specializes in HIPAA compliance in Annapolis, you can take the following steps:

Limit the information you have. Only collect personal consumer information that your company absolutely needs, and do not keep it longer than necessary. For example, if your company needs to use consumers’ credit or debit card numbers, do not store that information, since it can then become vulnerable to hackers.

Control data access and require secure passwords. Make sure that your employees do not have access to personal consumer information if they do not need to, and limit administrative access to those employees who need it for their jobs. Protect all sensitive information by requiring complex passwords, and use other methods such as authentication to increase security.

Secure HIPAA DATA Keep your network secure. Monitoring network activity to identify suspicious behavior can help reduce your risk of a security breach. Using firewalls to prevent unnecessary data access inside your network can also deter hackers. If anyone has remote access to your network, it’s important to make sure that those connections are also secure.

Run a security risk analysis. There is no substitute for having your system’s security examined by a skilled IT security professional. An IT consulting agency that offers HIPAA compliance assessments can analyze your system and identify weak spots in your security, ensuring that your company remains compliant with federal regulations.