A Look at Your Business’ Data Backup Needs

Many situations that could result in a data breach or loss of data at your company are out of your control. For example, a storm could cause a power loss, resulting in computers crashing and records being lost, or your company could become a victim of hacking, phishing, or viruses that wipe your data. However, it’s important to remember that you do have control over how you back up your data. An IT company in Annapolis can help your company with data backup and data recovery.

On-Site Backup
At small companies, backing up your server data onto tape or external hard drives can be sufficient. These data backups should be stored off-site, or in a fireproof safe. This method is simple and affordable. However, it is also somewhat unreliable, as many companies have to rely on manual backups done by employees that may forget or perform the backup incorrectly. This method also isn’t as secure as other options, as the data backups could still become damaged, lost, or stolen.

Business’ Data Backup | Annapolis Online Backup
Many IT consultants offer companies an online data backup option. The encrypted data is stored on computer servers in multiple locations. This storage is considered to be the most secure, as there is no risk of the data backups being damaged or lost. If you are interested in this method, ask your IT company how quickly the company can get access to the data backups when needed. This method also allows employees to have access to the data backups remotely, which is very convenient.

Data Recovery
Any IT consulting company that helps you with your data backup should also offer you data recovery services. This means that in the event of a data breach or data loss, you will be able to restore any lost data. This is particularly helpful for companies that use customer databases, as a data loss can mean that valuable customer information and updates are no longer available. This data can easily be recovered and restored by your IT consultant.

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