The Risks of Failing a HIPAA Audit

If your company stores, transfers, or receives protected health information, it’s imperative to make sure that you are in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). HIPAA requires companies that are in possession of consumers’ private health information to take the steps necessary to ensure that this information is kept private, such as using encrypted data, having an effective password policy, and having a plan in place for emergencies. Failing to secure sensitive information can leave your company vulnerable to massive fines and even criminal charges.

If you receive a notification of an HIPAA audit by the Office for Civil Rights, you will have two weeks or less to prepare. This means that your company should be prepared for the possibility of an audit at all times. Your first step toward ensuring that you are in compliance with HIPAA rules is to obtain a security risk analysis from an agency specializing in network security consulting near Annapolis. Rather than trying to do a risk analysis yourself, it’s best to rely on the services of an experienced professional to ensure that nothing is overlooked. Once you have identified any problem areas, such as lack of encryption, you can begin working to make your network secure. HIPAA Compliance

Highlighting Our Outstanding Customer Service

At FullScope IT, our IT consultants and computer support specialists near Washington, DC hold themselves to the highest standards for customer service. This is why we consistently have very happy customers who continue to use our IT consultants for their IT security, IT support, and IT management needs.

Watch this video for a testimonial from an extremely satisfied customer. This customer gives an excellent review highlighting FullScope IT’s outstanding customer service. The hard work and commitment of our experienced IT consultants and computer support specialists ensure that no company will experience data security issues or technical support issues when working with us.

Should Your Business Adopt Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a relatively new IT service, or information technology service, that can improve your business’ data management by offering better data security, data backup, and data recovery services in Annapolis . Cloud computing involves the use of internet services to provide on-demand network access to a company’s computers, servers, and other resources. These services can be easily accessed by employees, and monitored by an IT consultant acting as a project manager. Here are some details about how cloud computing can help your business.

Improve Efficiency and Productivity
A cloud computing system can be set up by experts at an IT services company. This ensures that your IT services will run smoothly and efficiently, increasing your employee’s productivity. Your employees can get more work done in less time, and your network can be accessed worldwide, meaning that employees or consultants can work on projects anywhere. If you use an IT project manager, you’ll also have the benefit of immediate technical support and data recovery support should the need arise.

Decrease Costs
cloud computing | it solutions in Annapolis The convenience and ease of use of cloud computing means that less people are needed to complete a project, which will save the company money in payroll costs. As cloud computing services are on-demand, the company will only have to pay for them as they are used, which can save a lot of money over time. The company also will not have to continually pull employees away from their regular duties for software training, as cloud computing software is intuitive and very easy to learn.

Monitor Projects More Effectively
If you hire a business technology company that offers personal IT consulting services, you can customize your IT services to ensure that it is much simpler for project managers to monitor projects. This makes it much easier for the company to stay within budget and complete projects on time. Your IT project manager can provide these IT consulting services to streamline the operation of your business.

Reaping the Benefits of IT Consulting Services

If you own a business that has 10 or more employees, you could benefit from hiring a company that provides IT consulting in Annapolis . IT consulting, or information technology consulting, is a service used to show a business owner how to improve the management, output, and efficiency of the business using information technology. An IT services company that provides IT consulting can customize an IT service plan for your business that meets your unique needs. Here are some of the primary benefits of working with an IT consulting company.

Save Employees Time and Stress
The technical support that IT consulting companies offer will save your employees time and stress. An IT expert can quickly troubleshoot technical issues that may be preventing employees from working. This affords your employees more time to spend on the core details of their jobs, and helps them be more efficient and productive. An IT services company will also set up new technology, including computers and software programs, and can often provide employees with training on how to use this technology effectively.

Save the Business Money
it solutions in Annapolis The more efficiently your employees are able to work, the more money your business is able to make. The IT solutions and network management services that your IT consulting company offers will help your business run much more smoothly, meaning that customers and clients receive better service, computers and other business technology work better and smarter, and fewer errors are made. All in all, using IT services can save your business money and even increase its profits.

Make Your Business More Competitive
When projects are completed quickly and customers are satisfied, your business gains a competitive edge in the market. Using the right IT consulting company will give you access to the best technology available for your field, resulting in better customer service, happier employees, and a positive reputation for your business. This reputation can help you bring in new clients.

A Closer Look at HIPAA Rules

If your company deals with protected health information, you are required by federal law to comply with the rules of HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. If you store, manage, and access data that contains protected health information, you need to hire an IT consulting firm near Annapolis to ensure that you meet the data security, data backup, and data recovery requirements outlined in HIPAA rules.

Watch this video to learn more about the practices that HIPAA regulates, and the rules that must be followed. Non-compliance with HIPAA rules can result in hefty fines while compromising the health and safety of patients.

Hear What One of Our Satisfied Clients Says about FullScope IT Service

Finding the right IT support near Annapolis or Washington, D.C. is essential to keep your business running smoothly. At FullScope IT , we take the time to design the network solutions and IT services that our clients need, so you get the right solutions at the right price. Don’t take our word for it, though—hear what one of our clients has to say in this video.

The client in this clip expresses his enthusiasm about the customer support his company received every step of the way whenever they needed IT management. He recommends our IT solutions to other businesses without reservation. When you need help managing the data and IT needs of your business, FullScope IT can create a personalized solution that works.

Tips for Choosing an IT Consultant for Your Small Business

An IT consultant can be one of the most important partners any business has, but for small businesses, finding the right IT consultant is especially important. Without the right network solutions and IT support, your business will be less efficient and you will lose money trying to compensate for network issues and poor system performance. There are several factors that go into selecting the right partner for your company’s needs. When you’re hiring a consultant for IT support near Baltimore , keep these tips in mind.

Define Your Needs
Before you attempt to hire an IT consultant, be sure you understand your company’s needs. What IT issues can you handle in-house, and where is your network letting you down? You may have very specific needs, such as access to technical support around the clock or help achieving HIPAA compliance with your system. Whether you need an IT consultant for a complete network overhaul or one for a specific project, understanding exactly how you want a consultant to help you will make the selection process easier.

Know Your Budget
Small Business IT | Annapolis When you hire a consultant, you aren’t expected to know exactly what kind of technology your business needs, but you should know how much money you can afford to invest into your IT system. Having a clear budget upfront will give your IT consultant a framework within which to work to design a plan for your business. Be sure to include the cost of the consultant into your overall budget so you can plan effectively. If the IT consultant you’re considering balks at your budget, take it as a sign that he or she is not a good fit for your business.

Test Your Communication
Small businesses need the right partners. Personal relationships matter more than they do with larger companies, because you’re building a brand. You should be able to communicate your IT service needs with your consultant and feel like he or she is on the same page and gets how your business works. The right consultant will understand your business enough to anticipate your needs before you do.

Technology Needs that an IT Consultant Can Help Your Business Meet

If you’ve just started a new business or are interested in upgrading your existing technology, an IT consultant can offer you the expertise to meet your goals. An IT consultant can help you with data backup, data recovery, and network security, and can set up and help you maintain company email, a company website, and high-speed internet access for the office. Continue reading to learn more about what a company that offers IT consulting in Annapolis can do for you.

Data Backup and Recovery
Important company data can be lost from your server for many reasons, including human error, natural disasters, power outages, viruses, theft, and damaged software. An IT consulting company will regularly back up the data from your servers, and will restore this data to your company if it gets erased from your local network. Technology experts can help your company protect your data and avoid costly and embarrassing data losses.

IT Consultant | Annapolis Data Security
Every company should have security measures in place to protect their records and data. However, many business owners don’t have the technological expertise to implement the procedures necessary to maintain data security. An IT consultant will set up a firewall and anti-virus software on company computers, and can even block certain websites from employees to further ensure that no one will fall victim to a virus or phishing attack. This consultant will also make sure that any records your company holds are completely secure, and that the software applications that employees use are also secure.

Internet Services
An IT consultant can set up secure high-speed internet access for the office. A consultant can also set up professional email accounts for employees. Many business owners don’t have the time or skills to maintain an internet presence for the company, but an IT consultant can help the company create and maintain a website. The majority of the company’s customers will turn to the internet first to answer their questions and find information on the company. If there is no company website, or if it is poorly designed and not updated regularly, you may lose customers.

A Look at Your Business’ Data Backup Needs

Many situations that could result in a data breach or loss of data at your company are out of your control. For example, a storm could cause a power loss, resulting in computers crashing and records being lost, or your company could become a victim of hacking, phishing, or viruses that wipe your data. However, it’s important to remember that you do have control over how you back up your data. An IT company in Annapolis can help your company with data backup and data recovery.

On-Site Backup
At small companies, backing up your server data onto tape or external hard drives can be sufficient. These data backups should be stored off-site, or in a fireproof safe. This method is simple and affordable. However, it is also somewhat unreliable, as many companies have to rely on manual backups done by employees that may forget or perform the backup incorrectly. This method also isn’t as secure as other options, as the data backups could still become damaged, lost, or stolen.

Business’ Data Backup | Annapolis Online Backup
Many IT consultants offer companies an online data backup option. The encrypted data is stored on computer servers in multiple locations. This storage is considered to be the most secure, as there is no risk of the data backups being damaged or lost. If you are interested in this method, ask your IT company how quickly the company can get access to the data backups when needed. This method also allows employees to have access to the data backups remotely, which is very convenient.

Data Recovery
Any IT consulting company that helps you with your data backup should also offer you data recovery services. This means that in the event of a data breach or data loss, you will be able to restore any lost data. This is particularly helpful for companies that use customer databases, as a data loss can mean that valuable customer information and updates are no longer available. This data can easily be recovered and restored by your IT consultant.

How FullScope IT Can Support Your Business Needs

At FullScope IT, we provide valuable IT support and IT consulting in Annapolis and Baltimore . Our services are available for small and medium-sized businesses, and range from simple, flat-rate IT support to incident response services, information technology consulting, and data backup and recovery services. These services are crucial for any business to run smoothly and effectively.

Watch this video to learn more about how we can support your company’s needs. Each of our customers is provided with a personal IT manager who will act as a Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer. This manager will quickly and efficiently respond to any of the company’s IT needs, whether big or small, including risk assessment, technology training, purchasing advice, and more.