HIPAA Alert! Please Read This Before Your Copier Ends Up Costing You $1.2M

Your Copier Could End Up Costing You Millions Last summer, a health insurance company in New York found out the hard way that modern copiers store a lot more information than you might expect. When they returned their leased copiers, they also unknowingly shipped out medical information on over 344,000 people. The resulting lawsuit ended in a $1,215,780 settlement, and that doesn’t include legal fees or the cost of mandated corrective actions!

If you’re a medical provider or financial firm, you are required by law to comply with various regulations covering protection and disclosure of data. But even if you’re not, you likely have confidential information on your copiers (HR records, bids, contracts) that you wouldn’t want opened up to the outside world. Consider the fact that most copiers are also fax machines and printers, and it quickly becomes apparent just how much information passes through them.

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